Check this Page for Audition Dates and Information!

The Princeton Footnotes hold auditions twice a year and invite freshmen and sophomores to try out. All eight arch-rotation groups at Princeton hold auditions during the same one-week period, and you can audition for as many other groups as you like. Read on for our info on our upcoming Open House, and scroll down for details on the audition process as well as the procedure for signing up!

Important Dates


Spring 2020

Head over to the Footnotes’ room, located at 300 Walker Hall (entry 3, downstairs, to the left). Meet the guys, hear some tunes, and sign up for an audition!


Spring 2020

We wanna hear you sing! Auditions slots are available throughout the afternoon and evening. Read on for details and a signup link.

Audition Details

Our audition process is simple, harmless, and low-pressure.

  1. We start off with scales to warm up your voice and get a sense of your range.
  2. Then we do a few swells on single notes to test your ability to sing both loudly and softly.
  3. Next come four short pitch-matching exercises, in which we play a few notes on the piano and you sing them back.
  4. Then, we’d like you to sing a short solo of your choice. The solo can be anything from the National Anthem to a Billy Joel tune to Justin Timberlake’s latest jam, but your best bet is to sing something you’re comfortable with and that shows off your voice.

Click here to sign up for an audition!

Don’t worry if you can’t read music or have never spent time in a choral group before — several of our most talented members did not have any previous musical experience before joining the Footnotes!

Callback information will be provided during fall auditions.

Being in the Footnotes is unlike anything you have ever been involved with, and it is more than worth the effort. Our auditions are designed to be low-pressure, relaxed and enjoyable. If you have more questions about auditioning for the Footnotes, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email Douglas at with any questions.

Find the Feet

The Footnotes’ room is located in 300 Walker Hall, which is in Wilson College towards the center of campus. Our Open House, auditions, and callbacks will all be held in our room, so come on by! Head in through entryway #3, go down the stairs, and make a left. We’re the ones with the giant tiger on our door.